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Sports Hypnotherapy  Nationwide 

Break Your Limits

Welcome to the World of Transformation

Feeling held back by something?

It happens to the best of us. Whether you're battling stress, anxiety, or struggling to overcome a mental obstacle, you're not alone.

I understand—it can be tough.
But there's a way forward that could help you breakthrough.

Welcome to Hypnotherapy—the secret weapon you never knew you needed!
It's a gentle yet powerful approach to rewiring your brain for the better.

Hypnotherapy addresses issues stored in the subconscious mind, potentially rewriting life's scripts. Your subconscious operates silently in the background, storing emotions, memories, and, importantly, your behaviours and habits. Think of it as hitting the reset button for your mind. By accessing your subconscious, you can kick negative thoughts to the curb and boost your confidence like never before. Imagine feeling motivated, focused, and ready to conquer whatever life throws your way—that's the power of Hypnotherapy.

I get that this might sound unconventional. But trust me, it's all about clarity and simplicity. I speak plainly, delivering results you can see and feel. Whether you're struggling with unwanted habits such as smoking, battling self-doubt, or simply needing a mental boost, I'm here to support you.

Specialised Services:
Sports Hypnotherapy for Champions

Calling all sports champions! It's time to elevate your game. Sports hypnotherapy isn't just for professionals—it's for anyone striving to excel on and off the field. Whether you're facing competition nerves, negative self-talk or aiming to break through performance barriers, together, we'll cultivate that winning mindset that sets champions apart.

Hypnosis and Diabetes
Living with diabetes can be challenging—I know firsthand. It's not just about managing numbers; it's navigating the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies it. While hypnosis won't cure diabetes, it can aid your journey towards better health, well-being, and understanding. Harness the potential of hypnosis to empower yourself and regain control. Let me provide you with information and guide you towards self-education—the key to positive change.

You have the power to change.
Reach out today, and let's discuss how Solution-based Hypnotherapy can transform your life. You've got this!

Service Availability
Hypnotherapy services are available nationwide online and locally in Kiveton Park, Worksop, and surrounding areas. Face-to-face sessions are offered in the village of Kiveton Park on request


Paula - Phobia

Working with Simon was an amazing experience. Simon is very professional, calm and patient. He has helped me overcome my spider phobia. I no longer have the fear I used to have.

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