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Simon Eggleton DIP PH GQHP Hypnotherapist in Worksop, Kiveton and online Nationwide

I stumbled upon hypnotherapy when I realised that it was not a physical issue that was holding back my swimming, this introduction and the following results have driven my passion for hypnotherapy and I have not looked back since.

Qualified to the latest standards in Hypnotherapy. I ensure that each therapy is individual to your needs, it's all about you. As a Yorkshireman, you will find that I am going to be plain speaking and will not try to blind you with science, but I will try to explain and inform. Hypnotherapy is about finding out about you and exploring the solutions within.

I am a practitioner registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register. This body ensures I am constantly learning new topics and areas to apply my skill set and reinforce techniques already known. I take my practice very seriously and have all the correct insurance policies in place which I know you would expect.

Hypnosis has also helped me personally to overcome a forty-year addiction to Diet Coke, other fizzy drinks are available and unbelievably in just one session, this habit was removed. I will state that everyone is different but the results for me personally are fantastic.

Exploring further, hypnotherapy reduced my stress and anxiety when visiting the dentist, which got so bad I needied medication, the lessons learned aid my everyday life.

I believe in looking for solution-based therapy rather than perhaps looking at the reasons why held in the past. However like all best-laid plans, possibly we may have to explore those avenues.

Sports has been a massive part of my life and still is, so naturally Sports Hypnotherapy is my passion. Personally, I enjoy being active in all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, including triathlons, half-marathons, cycling and walking and here's a random one, dance classes.

In the past, I have competed both nationally and internationally in martial arts and also played golf, volleyball, tennis and kayaked to name a few.

I strongly believe in a can-do attitude and that we can achieve what we wish. Often people need to be reminded, that they are placing barriers in the way of their own success or goals.

My changes brought about via hypnotherapy, inspired me to study hard to become a therapist so I could help others to make their own changes and find their own solutions.

It makes me smile every time.

Life is about reaching for your goals and going for them, hypnotherapy with all its benefits helps you overcome the doubts and possible reasons YOU may have put in your own way.
What is stopping you? 

Simon Eggleton Hypnotherapist in Worksop
General Hypnotherapy Register Membership for Simon Eggleton
GHSC Member
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