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Habits and fingernails

Use Solution-based Hypnotherapy to remove unwanted Habits.

At Simonshypnotherapyroom using solution-based hypnotherapy the aim is to help people rid themselves of unwanted habits and actions.  It may be that you have noticed that you no longer have fingernails, twirl your hair, or cannot stop eating chocolate. Perhaps your habit rewarded you in some way at the beginning, helping you to cope with a stressful situation, the original stress has long gone but the habit remained. 

These actions are being controlled by what we call the subconscious mind, which deals with things like breathing, habits, behaviours, emotions and memories. It allows your mind to get on with things that matter to you here and now such as driving the car or reading a book.

Hypnosis helps you to create healthier coping mechanisms by talking directly to your subconscious mind and replacing it with something beneficial, healthier and positive behaviours. Moving forward let me show you techniques that will replace the unwanted habits you have or investigate perhaps more deeply the reasons why they started in the first place.

Let me be your guide
Develop strategies to cope with a stressful situation without resorting to the habit and take control back.
Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you break free from the cycle of repeating unwanted habits and replace them with positive actions and solutions.

Start your journey towards a better, more fulfilled life.
Please contact me and let's discuss how hypnotherapy could help you.

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