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Sleep Re-Education & Insomnia Solutions using Hypnosis and reframing.

Do I need eight hours of sleep? Is bedtime becoming a nightmare? Why do I just lay in bed for hours? How do I switch off?

How to Sleep.

Bedtime and going to sleep should be a relaxing pleasure, and when you wake you should then feel refreshed and energized both mentally and physically.
However modern-day distractions of work, and technology all play a part in stopping us from doing what we think should be so simple.
Are you getting up in the night or just lying in bed staring at the ceiling, is it making you feel anxious about going to bed?

How to improve your sleep!
Let me guide you towards a better night's sleep, perhaps placing some structure to your bedtime routine. Let me explain the pitfalls before you even get into bed and what you can do to improve your chances of a better night's sleep. Let me answer the question, How many hours of sleep do I need?
Knowing when to go to bed sounds simple or is it? Let me explain some of the myths surrounding sleep, which may prevent you from sleeping. Using hypnotherapy and hypnosis will create relaxation which is a great tool to crack Insomnia and sleep issues.

On a personal note, I developed some terrible habits regarding my sleep patterns which involved playing on the Xbox and other technologies, drinking and eating habits also played their part. I changed my habits completely and have no real issues or worries about my sleep needs.

Let me help you to help yourself.

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