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Don't bury your head in the sand!

Updated: Mar 19

I finally visited the doctor on Wednesday for my HbA1c blood check. That's how much sugar can be found in your red blood cells, an average of over 3 months, the life of a red blood cell. When you prick your finger with a home blood monitor, it shows the value of your sugar level at that moment only. It will be high if you have just eaten some grapes or chocolate.

I have been putting off my HbA1c checkup for months, scared of what the results indicate. Ignoring something is normally never a good idea, you don't have to deal with it perhaps. However, diabetes is always lurking there and the damage it may be causing meanwhile is always a concern. I have always felt physically okay The best way to describe it, is by using a metaphor a common technique employed by hypnotherapists. My body is running like a car in high revs, which is okay short term but eventually a car would overheat or worse, just like my body will begin to show signs of damage such as Diabetic retinopathy. Which could be damage to the small blood vessels in the eye, normally tested once a year and can be the first sign of damage caused by diabetes.

I began recording my readings of blood and weight on 21st February.

My blood sugar level readings were 8.4 mmol/L and a 78 kg weight and were taken at home.

Since this new attempt to get back to remission, my weight is now 76.7kgs and my blood sugar level is 7.6 dated 18/3/24. I am still taking my tablets.

I plan to obtain the HbA1c results in the next week or so and then come off my diabetic tablets and start from there.

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