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Wow, my lowest Blood sugar levels for over four years !!!!!!!

Today marks a significant milestone in my health journey. For the first time in four years, my blood sugar levels have reached 62mmol/mol or 7.8. This achievement is a testament to the progress I've made, though I acknowledge I'm still on this journey and haven't reached my final goal yet. The fact that I'm off my diabetic medication is a huge win, and it fuels my determination to keep pushing forward.

New four year low HbA1c results
My new HbA1c Results 62mmol/mol

Maintaining a positive mindset has been crucial in this journey. I hone this skill daily, supporting it with continuous self-education on managing blood sugar levels effectively. I've learned to bounce back or cope better with setbacks, whether they're unexpected high readings or challenging days with less-than-ideal eating habits. Okay, eating cakes or going off the rails.

This journey has taught me resilience and the importance of perseverance. Every low has been a lesson, reinforcing my commitment to my health and well-being. I celebrate this achievement not just as a number on a chart but as a symbol of my dedication and hard work.

To anyone facing similar challenges, I encourage you to stay positive and proactive. Educate yourself, seek support, and embrace each step forward, no matter how small. Together, we can overcome obstacles and achieve our health goals. Here's to continued progress and better days ahead!

My blood sugar level results over the years
HbA1c Results

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