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Off my Diabetic Medication.

I finally visited my local medical practice on Thursday to meet the diabetic nurse. We discussed my HbA1c results.

My HbA1c results were 74 or in old money 8.9, which is high.

What should my sugar levels be?

I would expect to have levels to be below 53Mmol or between 4 and 7 if I didn't have diabetes.

What does mmol/l mean?

mmol/l stands for millimoles per litre. A mole is a scientific unit often used to measure chemicals.

HbA1c mmol/mol New Style HbA1c % Old style Average glucose mmol/L

Showing my HbA1c blood level
HbA1c Conversion Chart

My personal HbA1c blood results
My Historic blood levels

We also looked at my historical data.

Here you can see that my levels had increased from 74 mmol/mol in Jan 2023 to 96 mmol/mol in Sept 2023.

Well out of control and to be honest not always remembering to have tablets and bad eating habits like chocolate.

I was also not monitoring my blood levels, just burying my head in the sand instead.

On the plus side, they are coming down slowly with medication but that is not where I want to be.

We discussed my plans to come off all diabetic medication and control with diet and exercise. I had done this before and remained off all medication for about three to four years. I know that I must get my weight to about 73kgs and see if things are going to change.

We agreed that I would return in June to see how my HbA1c blood results looked then.

I now see this as my most important challenge in life. More important than exercise and ticking things off a bucket list. I need to use all my learnt resources and techniques from hypnotherapy and all my mindset thinking learnt through years of sport and life.

Because if I fall ill because of Diabetes I may not be able to do the things I love, such as half marathons, cycling and walking to name a few.

From today I am off my diabetic medication on 8th June 2024 and let's see what happens.

Always consult your doctor if you are planning to come off medication or anything similar. Be safe always. This is my journey and my knowledge of diabetes to the best of my ability.

Please add any comments or shares.


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