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Hypnotherapy Services in Worksop and UK online


As a professional hypnotherapist in Worksop, Kiveton Park, Sheffield, and other surrounding areas, I provide many different hypnotherapy services online and face-to-face. These services have no geographical boundaries, reaching Nationwide service and even into the USA, Europe and the rest of the world. Online services achieve excellent results and will continue to prove very popular. I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register GHR and have professional insurance. 

Hypnotherapy begins by talking to and getting to know you and your issue. Now, you have an idea of what you don't want, for example, your anxious feelings. Using hypnosis, you can replace this unwanted feeling with a feeling or emotion you want instead, perhaps confidence and calmness. This solution is why hypnotherapy has limitless applications. 


If you do not see below something that hypnotherapy could help with, please call me to discuss it.

These are some of the hypnotherapy services that are often sought: Weight Management, Phobias, habits, Quitting Smoking and vaping, building confidence, improvement in sports competition nerves and dealing with injuries, Improving motivation to deal with diabetes—the list could be endless.

What are hypnotherapy Services used for?


To conquer Anxiety and Stress, hypnotherapy techniques promote a calmer, happier, and more resilient mindset.


Sleep Issues such as Insomnia can be terrible and worrisome. Let's look at your sleep routines and promote better sleep patterns.


Quit Smoking hypnosis focuses on identifying the client's motivations for quitting and reinforcing your commitment to change. The stop-smoking session empowers individuals to take control of their addiction, ultimately leading to the successful and lasting cessation of smoking or vaping.

Hot Air Balloons

Create positive change and improve low mood and confidence, use hypnotherapy to get that boost back to where you deserve.

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Past-life regression could take you back to a past life or a childhood memory. Hypnosis is the tool but where will you go?


Sports hypnotherapy could to the edge you are looking for. Calm those competition nerves and negative thoughts and find that extra percentage.


Using the power of hypnosis we able to rewrite an unwanted Habit and replace it with something more desirable.


Is your phobia debilitating?  Hypnotherapy allows you to retake control of your life and find a solution.

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Weight management hypnosis enables you to gain the tools and replace unwanted thoughts with healthier options.


Standard Session

£60 - 1 Session

1 Hour

Cessation program

£150 - 2 Sessions

Including Audio track

Weight management program

£240 - 4 Sessions

Including Audio Track


£90 -1 Session

(approx. 90 minutes)

Room hire

£5 - 1 Session

1 Hour

(The face-to-face service has an extra charge of just £5 which is the shared cost of room hire)

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